Backyard Paradise


This beautiful home rests along the banks of the South Saskatchewan river.  And the backyard was truly peaceful with wildlife before we started our design. However, the clients wanted to ensure added protected from flooding by incorporating a berm that would hold back river water if needed. They also did not want the berm to just look like a berm. We started this process by ensuring the water collected from the house and garage roof would be used to water the lawn on the other side of the berm. The run off from the existing patio and the new patio under the proposed pergola would also be collected to water the garden beds. This new berm wraps around the new and existing patio to terminate into a similar grade at the adjacent property line – from this height water cascades down in a gentle waterfall.

Access up to the lawn area for mowing is achieved with a lawn/paver ramp on one side of the garden and a wide set of paver steps on the other side. A tall fireplace provides both privacy and a focal point under the pergola and is flanked by columnar blue spruce for winter interest. A custom trellis surrounds the back and side garden, with steel airline cable providing support for climbing hops vines. It is truly a backyard paradise.