Historic Charm


“When we moved into our character home, we saw our yard as the typical “diamond in the rough”. We wanted to create a multi-purpose space that we could entertain in, have a place for our young children to play in, and above all relax and live in. We also wanted to find space to fit a garage that would not look like it was just dropped in from a building centre, but instead would fit in to the whole landscape. We wanted the yard to be low-maintenance and to complement the period architecture of our home.

This was far too big a design challenge for us to handle on our own, so we sought professional help. We asked for referrals from the garden centres and the local horticultural society, and the same name kept coming up: Annette at Specialty Gardens.

Not only did Annette immediately grasp what our goals were, she intuitively understood how we wanted it to feel. She then translated that to an actual plan that we could use to make it a reality.

Her talent and patience have been amazing. Annette has been the key architect to help us achieve the outdoor living space that up until now we only dreamed of."