Spatial Solo Patio


“Recently my husband and I were able to purchase our dream home in Desert Blume, AB, and were looking for someone to help us realize our vision for the undeveloped yard. We wanted someone acquainted with all of the guidelines and codes for landscaping in Desert Blume and we wanted our new yard to be really creative yet low maintenance. Knowing that this would be the yard that we would be enjoying for a very long time, we didn’t want there to be compromises or regret that we didn’t follow through with all of our vision for our new yard. Being familiar with some of Annette’s other projects, I was confident she would be the one to contact to help us achieve our goal……she more than delivered!

I contacted Annette in January because we were so anxious (and impatient!) to get started as soon as possible. Annette promptly returned all my emails and patiently let me know that she was ready to go as soon as she could get into the backyard. When spring finally arrived, Annette came to get all of her measurements and elevation readings on a very cold and blustery day! She knew that if she didn’t get it done then, we might have to wait another week with more of the bad weather predicted. Annette later met with us and after a very thorough interview (lots of pictures to review and a 10 page questionnaire!) she knew exactly what we were looking for. She was able to take our ideas/comments and incorporate all of them into the design and was able to translate it into a very professional, very detailed, Landscape Concept Design Plan that we were so thrilled to see come to life. Annette was also instrumental in contacting Cypress County on our behalf to receive approval for our design and ensured that we met requirements for hard surface issues, detention ponds, and retaining walls. Our contractor had no problem completing the work because of all the plan details that were also accompanied by a project manual with the required specifications to create a top quality, beautiful yard. We would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to Annette for delivering everything we were hoping for in our completing our dream for our new home.”