landscape design

Landscape Design Schematic

At Specialty Gardens, our thoughtful design process is built around several main principles:

  • Consider function before form; this means that each design decision must have a purpose and must be defensible. Aesthetics are vital to good design but mean very little if the plan does not work with the other aspects of the project like positive drainage and pedestrian flow.
  • Consider the style, architecture, and age of the home and neighborhood being designed around. Remember that the design must appeal to the client’s specific taste but also to the masses if ever they decide to sell.
  • Consider ease of maintenance; we assume that most people have more enjoyable things to do than weed-eat, let’s make that machine go away forever. We will suggest you use natural materials in your gardens that do not require complicated or expensive upkeep.
  • Consider using plant material that is native to the area or has proven to be tolerant to our climatic conditions. Use the correct plant for the location. We are plant material experts! Just ask us.
  • Consider environmental sustainability and be a better steward of the land. Use permeable materials to keep water from running off the property. Design rain gardens to collect runoff from hard surfaces and use plant material that is drought tolerant.
  • Consider the rest of the ecosystem. There are healthier alternatives to pesticides; the easiest ones are responsible biological controls or growing plants that do not support the pests and diseases we are constantly fighting.

our design process

from the drawing board to your new refuge

what you do:

  1. Contact us with any questions you may have.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire and upload your RPR.
  3. Create a new IDEABOOK for me on our Houzz website by searching Houzz for landscape photos or adding your own from other sites

what we do:

  1. Contact you and schedule a meeting on-site
  2. Walk your site with you and get a feel for what you need
  3. Give you an estimate for design fees
  4. If you agree to our proposal, we go ahead with the following if required: