organic land care

Preserving the health of the environment.

At Specialty Gardens, we believe in keeping our gardens healthy with alternative methods to pesticides.

Beautiful Garden Design

Ecosystems that thrive do so because necessary organisms work together in organized quantities as intended. 

If you are interested in this design and maintenance philosophy, we can incorporate items such as rainwater harvesting mechanisms, composting areas, greenhouses, cold frames, food gardens, permaculture, native plantings, and lawn alternatives into your design.

scheduled maintenance

Preserving the beauty of your environment.

Keep your garden beautiful with our scheduled maintenance service.

Beautiful Backyard Paradise

Bookings may be weekly, biweekly, monthly, or just whenever you may fall behind. We can also water for you while you are on holiday!

In the spring of 2012, Specialty Gardens expanded to include horticultural garden maintenance to our clients. We employ landscape gardeners trained to spot potential issues before they become problematic. We are invested in the health and beauty of your garden from the soil through the entire plant system. Our professionals are trained in botany and weed science and understand the biology of plants and what they require to flourish. 

Our maintenance regime includes the correct fertilizer where needed and any removal of insect/disease infested plant material. Weeds will be removed; plants will be staked if required and light pruning will be done if needed. This service has become very popular since its inception, and we look forward to providing more opportunities for beautifully maintained gardens within our community.

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